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Canadian Public Health Association

Public Health 2019 Objectives

Public health is constantly evolving and is directly impacted by our ever-expanding knowledge of the world in which we live and by the political climate of time and place. This means that everyone who works in population and public health needs access to cutting-edge research, up-to-date knowledge on what programs and policies demonstrate positive results, and access to diverse networks to help them do the best work possible. Public Health 2019 – Canada’s largest public health knowledge exchange event – will provide delegates access to all of this, and more.

Delegates will explore the social and ecological determinants of health and discuss solutions to a wide range of complex and ‘wicked’ problems. They will have the opportunity to better understand how research, program and policy decision-making processes can be positively impacted through the use of diverse types of knowledge and through the active participation of those with relevant lived experience. Monitoring and improving population health and wellness is central to public health, and Public Health 2019 will pay particular attention to the health of Indigenous and racialized communities.

From advocacy to zoonosis, Public Health 2019 is where everyone interested in public health will meet.

Conference objectives

Public Health 2019 will provide:

  • A dynamic setting that brings together researchers, policy-makers and practitioners to profile action-oriented best practices, evidence-informed interventions, successful strategies and new research from both domestic and global settings;
  • A forum that supports forward thinking, reflection and critical dialogue to prepare public health to meet future challenges;
  • A supportive environment for sharing innovative ideas and approaches to public health practice, policy and research that encourage further collaborations across and within sectors;
  • A multisectoral knowledge exchange forum and networking opportunity to discuss current public health issues from across Canada and around the world; and
  • A venue for public health professionals at all stages of their education and careers to collaborate, innovate and help shape the health and well-being of Canadians.

Learning objectives

Public Health 2019 will provide delegates the opportunity to:

  • Articulate the current status of public health evidence, research, policy and practice;

  • Identify public health challenges and related solutions, trends, emerging issues and gaps;

  • Utilize effective evidence-based public health programs, practices, structures and systems; and

  • Identify strategies for knowledge translation and exchange.

Having actively participated in Public Health 2019, delegates should be able to apply the knowledge and skills they have gained in a variety of settings.