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Canadian Public Health Association

2017 Honorary Awards



HALIFAX, NS – June 6, 2017 – CPHA is pleased to celebrate the recipients of its 2017 Honorary Awards.

R. D. Defries Award [Awarded Tuesday, June 6 at 08:30]
Arguably, no individual Canadian has done more to advance the public health importance of the ecological determinants of health. From first leader of the Green Party for both Canada and Ontario in the 1980s, to co-founding both the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) and the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care, Dr. Trevor Hancock’s influence has been extensive.

Honorary Life Membership Award [Awarded Wednesday, June 7 at 08:30]
Shannon Turner, PhD (c), is an exemplar practitioner scholar and has been a stalwart advocate for public health throughout her career. The promotion of health and social good has been foundational to Shannon’s contributions to policy, research and practice. As the national Co-chair of Prevention of Violence Canada for over a decade, she has worked to build a Canada free of violence with a powerful health promotion engagement strategy for civil society and government.

National Public Health Hero Award [Awarded Wednesday, June 7 at 08:30]
The Honourable Dr. Terry Lake, former Minister of Health for British Columbia has accomplished many things, but nothing with more impact on the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our province than the unwavering support he provided for the declaration of a public health emergency and the subsequent actions to stem the tide of tragic deaths from illegal drug overdoses in BC. His understanding and compassion has helped move the public discourse on this issue from one of stigma and blame towards empathy and support.

R. Stirling Ferguson Award [Awarded Thursday, June 8 at 12:30]
Dr. Nancy Edwards has made a significant contribution to improving and protecting the health of Canadians, and in particular of seniors, through her efforts to improve building codes as a means to prevent falls. She has undertaken research to demonstrate the impact on population health of the installation of safe stairs, non-climbable guards and usability-enhancing, safer grab bars in baths and showers.

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About the Canadian Public Health Association
Founded in 1910, the Canadian Public Health Association is the independent voice for public health in Canada with links to the international community. As the only Canadian non-governmental organization focused exclusively on public health, we are uniquely positioned to advise decision-makers about public health system reform and to guide initiatives to help safeguard the personal and community health of Canadians and people around the world. We are a national, independent, not-for-profit, voluntary association. Our members believe in universal and equitable access to the basic conditions that are necessary to achieve health for all.

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