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There are no employment opportunities at this time.

Join the Student and Early Career Professional Leadership Team!

CPHA’s Student and Early Career Professional Committee is recruiting enthusiastic and dynamic students and early career professionals to join its Leadership Team for 2020! The Student and Early Career Professionals Committee is a forum for student and early career members of CPHA to share their perspectives and plan activities. The following volunteer positions are available: Marketing and Communications Lead, Student Ambassador Program Lead, Early Career Professional Lead.

Position duration: approximately 2 years
Monthly commitment: 10 hours, additional hours may be required around events

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Marketing and Communications Lead

  • Assist with promoting student opportunities
  • Assist with updating the student section of CPHA’s website
  • Assist with developing content for CPHA’s social media channels
  • Assist with creating a student newsletter
  • Assist CPHA’s editorial group as needed

Student Ambassador Program Lead

  • Manage CPHA’s Student Ambassadors
  • Reach out to Canadian universities to schedule CPHA Student Ambassador presentations
  • Maintain the Student Ambassador presentation, script and contact list

Early Career Professional Lead

  • Advise CPHA’s Student Director on how to effectively engage early career professionals
  • Develop and continuously improve new and ongoing CPHA activities for early career professionals
  • Co-chair a quarterly teleconference for CPHA’s early career professionals

Meetings of the Student and Early Career Professional Committee occur by teleconference every 8-12 weeks. The dates and times vary and are scheduled prior to each meeting. Terms of Reference for the Student and Early Career Professionals Committee are available on request.

Please submit your resume and a brief statement (max 500 words) on:

  • Why you are interested in being part of the Leadership Team
  • How you might contribute to the Leadership Team
  • Your interest/preference in any of the above positions

Application Process
Please submit your application by email by February 21, 2020 at 12:00PM EST. Successful applicants will be contacted and expected to provide further information on their past experience and what they can bring to the role. Those selected must be a current CPHA member or willing to join.


We engage post-secondary students for practicums that are supported by their academic institutions or by other institutions or funders that host students in programs related to their academic studies.

Practicum at the Association become available based on our project and program activities or on-going initiatives, and depend on available resources to support students.

These are undertaken on a volunteer basis and must be mutually beneficial and agreed upon by us, the student and their academic institution.

There are no practicum placement opportunities at this time.

Working Groups

The Association currently has working groups that provide advice to the Executive Director:

  • The Disruptive Technology Working Group helps to research and write a paper regarding the possible effects of technology change on public health.
  • The Diversity Working Group provides strategic advice on strategies to build diversity in all aspects of the Association’s work.
  • The Ecological Determinants of Health Working Group supports the Association in developing policy alternatives on the ecological determinants of health and providing advice on related advocacy efforts.
  • The Health Equity Working Group assists in developing and implementing a health equity impact assessment tool to apply to the Association’s activities, with a particular focus on its policy and advocacy work.
  • The Membership Working Group assists in mapping the way forward and identifying strategies to achieve the strategic goal of having a dynamic and engaged membership.
  • The Tobacco Control Working Group provides strategic advice regarding the Association’s work in the area of tobacco control.

Indigenous Relations Advisory Committee

The Indigenous Relations Advisory Committee provides strategic advice related to how the Association can fulfill its role in addressing the historic and contemporary health inequities faced by Indigenous communities.


CPHA Members-at-large

  • Gabriella Emery
  • Sheri McKinstry
  • Michelle Mousseau Bailey

External Representatives

  • Margo Greenwood, Assembly of First Nations
  • Eduardo Vides, Métis National Council

CPHA Board Members (observers)

  • Richard Musto
  • Nancy Laliberté
  • Benita Cohen