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Canadian Public Health Association

September 19, 2019 1:30pm ET

2019 Election Primer for Public Health Students


  • Trish Hennessy, Executive Director at Upstream
  • Frank Welsh, Director of Policy at CPHA

Watch the webinar recording

The upcoming federal election is an opportunity to get public health issues on the agenda of Canada’s political parties. Canada needs a federal government that is committed to sustained investment in public health across the country. This includes investment in strategies and programs that support strong healthy people in Canada regardless of their economic and social status. In this webinar, Trish Hennessy, Executive Director at Upstream, will provide an overview of the 43rd Canadian General Election and what the polls are showing. Frank Welsh, Director of Policy at the Canadian Public Health Association, will discuss why this matters for students, how students can become engaged in the electoral process, and highlight tools that have been developed to engage voters and candidates alike around today’s most pressing public health issues.