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Canadian Public Health Association

March 27, 2019 1:00pm EST

Call to action on climate change and health


  • Kim Perrotta, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

Canadians are already feeling the adverse health effects of climate change and time is running out to prevent catastrophic climate change. In the summer of 2018 many Canadians experienced soaring temperatures, massive wildfires, and dangerous levels of air pollution as smoke blanketed their communities. The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) and the Urban Public Health Network (UPHN) are asking all federal parties to recognize that climate change is the greatest public health challenge of the 21st century, and to make climate solutions a priority in the 2019 federal election. In this webinar participants will hear why health professionals are so concerned about climate change, the climate solutions that can produce fairly immediate health benefits, how health professionals can work for climate change year-round, and the actions that health organizations are taking around the federal elections.