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Canadian Public Health Association

October 6, 2016 12:00pm ET

Canada’s public health system


  • Ak’ingabe Guyon, Montreal Public Health
  • Sandra Allison, Northern Health
  • Michael Rachlis, health policy consultant

Moderator: Jia Hu, Public Health Physicians of Canada

Co-hosted with Public Health Physicians of Canada

Anyone with an interest in public health will benefit from a greater understanding of the structure and organization of public health systems in Canada. As one of the world’s most federated systems, how public health is organized, the services it provides, and by whom they are provided can vary dramatically by province and territory. In this panel discussion Ak’Ingabe Guyon from Montreal Public Health, Sandra Allison the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Northern Health, and Michael Rachlis, a health policy consultant will each present on the public health systems where they have worked and share their thoughts on public health systems in the rest of Canada and how they could be improved. Emerging leaders in public health will come away with insight on their role in the system and ideas for advancing their professional development goals. View the webinar recording and consult the presentation slides below.

Presentation slides: