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Canadian Public Health Association

April 11, 2018 12:00pm EST

A day in the life of a public health nurse


  • Deborah Viel, Chief Executive Officer, Borealis Community Health Collaborative

Moderator: Ian Culbert

What roles do nurses play in public health? How do nurses specialize in public health? Public health nurses (PHNs) are specialists who integrate nursing and public health core competencies to impact population health. PHNs work in collaboration with individuals, families, organizations, communities and systems in various settings to prevent illness and injury, protect and promote health. PHNs provide clinical services, and engage in health promotion, surveillance, advocacy, policy, research, and formal leadership roles. PHNs play vital roles in addressing the social determinants of health. Join us to explore this dynamic career at the intersection of nursing and public health. #YesThisIsNursing

This session is part of the Exploring Careers in Public Health Webinar Series.

BiographyDeborah Viel, RN, MPH and Certified Community Health Nurse has served on the boards of Community Health Nurses of Canada and provincial/territorial public health associations. Debbie’s experience includes a range of PHN practice in British Columbia and Nunavut, as well as leadership, education and her current role as public health nurse entrepreneur.