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Canadian Public Health Association

January 23, 2020 1:30pm

Population Health Research Data Management and Sharing


  • Janis Geary
  • Naomi Hamm

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In the age of “big data” and “open data,” it’s easy to be swayed by the idea that “more” equals “better.” A common understanding of the theories and principles underpinning data collection, management, and storage is needed to promote high quality research and decision-making. In this webinar, Janis Geary will provide a high-level overview of these concepts with an emphasis on population health data. Naomi Hamm will discuss research methods for chronic disease surveillance using administrative health datasets and challenges associated with using complex data for secondary analyses. Participants will take away knowledge and skills to translate complex health data into insights that can be used to improve the health of populations and support health professional decision-making.