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Canadian Public Health Association

Virtual Conference Platform

CPHA will embrace existing and new technologies and present sessions October 6-8 from 11:00 - 16:00 (Eastern) daily. 


The Virtual conference platform will allow participants to:

  • Stream live sessions and connect with speakers via online polls and live Q&A. 
  • Interact with other participants directly and share contact information.
  • Engage in live discussion forums where participants can ask and answer questions.
  • Connect with attendees, sponsors and exhibitors via 1:1 chat or in small groups.
  • Export session notes and contacts that participants meet in the platform.
  • Take note directly in the platform to export or print following the session. 

Virtual Access

Only registered participants will have access to the virtual conference platform, post-conference recordings and presentation gallery.    

The only equipment necessary for participants is an electronic device with an internet connection. The virtual platform works on computers, tablets and smartphones. The platform is optimized for viewing using Chrome but will work in other browsers such as Mozilla and Firefox Edge.

Your internet connection needs to be at minimum, 5mb upload and 5mb download. Perform a speed test to identify your internet upload and download speeds.



The virtual conference will feature many of the same program elements as the planned in-person event. Participants will be able to ask questions and up-vote other questions. Presenters will be able to answer verbally during the live session. 

  • Plenary sessions will be live streamed and feature either a keynote address or a panel discussion with a live question and answer period.
  • Symposiums will be live streamed or feature pre-recorded presentations and a live question and answer period.
  • Oral presentations will be comprised of pre-recorded presentations and a live question and answer period.

Poster Presentations

Due to the reduced presentation time, we are unable to accommodate live poster presentations; instead, pre-recorded abstract presentations will be available on demand in the presentation gallery but no dedicated presentation time is scheduled. Presenters are encouraged to include their contact details in the pre-recorded presentations to foster on-going collaborations.


As Public Health 2021 welcomes participants from all over the country, we want to ensure participants are engaged and avoid screen fatigue. Sessions are presented from 11:00-16:00 (Eastern) daily.


We understand that networking is an important part of conference participation and our virtual conference platform allows for the interaction of all registered participants and presenters through the networking space. The networking space will allow participants to:

  • See a list of all registered participants and initiate conversations; and
  • Create a private chat with up to four other participants.