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Canadian Public Health Association

February 13, 2018 6:00pm

A day in the life of a public health post-doctoral candidate


  • Dr. Laura Struik, Propel Centre for Population Health Impact

Moderator: Emilie Sartoretto

In some areas of public health, a postdoc is often the first position following the PhD. This webinar is intended for people who are completing a PhD or considering completing a PhD, and have questions about finding and landing postdoc positions. Laura Struik will share her recent experience and answer some questions you may have: what kind of public health postdocs are there and how do you find them; what to look for in an employer; how can you optimize your CV, cover letter and other application materials; how do committees make hiring decisions; what does the postdoc role entail. The aim is to give you a sense of what you can expect during your search for a postdoc position and once you’re in that role.


Laura Struik is a post-doctoral fellow at the Propel Centre for Population Health Impact. Laura has developed expertise in public health research. Current areas of focus include eHealth interventions, tobacco control, and gender-based research, with strong qualitative research skills. Laura is also involved in tool development for improved research practice.