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Canadian Public Health Association

Co-developed Learning Activities

Accredited Symposia are an essential part of the 2023 Canadian Immunization Conference (CIC 2023). Co-developed Learning Activity sessions reach key decision makers and provide an opportunity for interaction and feedback from participants.  

1. Session Timing

Co-developed Learning Activity sessions are 75 minutes in length and scheduled outside the hours of the scientific program.

Tuesday 25 April Wednesday 26 April Thursday 27 April
AM Sessions     Breakfast 6:30 - 7:15     Sessions: 7:15 - 8:30

Management of COVID-19 in immunocompromised patients: Are you up to date? 

Sponsored by: AstraZeneca 

The underrecognized burden of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in older adults

Sponsored by: GSK

The triple threat of respiratory viruses: COVID, Flu, RSV

Sponsored by: Moderna

A *Strained* system: The present & future of pneumococcal disease mitigation in Canada

Sponsored by: Merck

A new era of vaccines: Optimizing Canada's Post-Pandemic COVID-19 Immunization Programs through access, equity and vaccine diversification

Sponsored by: Novavax

Trends in influenza epidemiology, guidelines and programs – focus on older adults

Sponsored by: Seqirus

PM Sessions     Appetizers 17:00 - 17:15     Sessions: 17:15 - 18:30     

Optimizing care for patients with lower respiratory tract infections to reduce public health burden

Sponsored by: Pfizer

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) burden of disease in infants - A need for all infant protection

Sponsored by: Sanofi

The sessions are co-developed with AMMI Canada and the Canadian Paediatric Society to achieve scientific integrity, objectivity and balance.

2. Fees

Faculty Expenses

Faculty for co-developed learning activities will have the following expenses* paid for by the respective sponsor:

  • Travel – Economy fare 
  • Ground transfers 
  • Accommodation – standard room at conference hotel for two (2) nights. 
  • General expenses: two (2) days’ expenses (as per Treasury Board Travel Guidelines), excluding any meals provided as part of the conference program. 

*  Faculty located in the National Capital Region are not eligible to receive hotel accommodation. They are eligible to claim for mileage to/from the conference location and parking charges.  

Sponsors are responsible for all faculty expenses for up to two speakers per session. If travel and accommodation is required, the Conference Secretariat estimates $1500 per faculty member. Sponsors have two payment options:

  • Before the conference: Sponsors are invoiced $3000 (non-taxable) based on the estimated expenses for two speakers.
  • After the conference: Sponsors are invoiced for actual travel and accommodation expenses. This invoice will not exceed $3000 (non-taxable).

3. Logistics

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage is provided at no cost to the Sponsor and will be organized by the Conference Secretariat.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Basic AV equipment (LCD projector, screen, laptop, and a podium with a microphone) will be provided by the conference organizers. AMMI Canada/CPS will confirm faculty AV requirements and forward requests to the Conference Secretariat staff for approval. Sponsors will be invoiced for additional AV costs by the Conference Secretariat after the conference.

Meeting space

Meeting space is provided at no cost to the Sponsor and will be assigned by the Conference Secretariat.

4. Program Development

The AMMI Canada/CPS will develop the program to ensure it is balanced, objective and free from commercial bias, based on the approved application.

The AMMI Canada/CPS are responsible for ensuring that the session includes:

  • Relevance to the target audience.
  • Cutting-edge content that is evidence-based and provides a balanced view of the subject.
  • Unbiased faculty with the appropriate expertise to address the learning objectives.
  • Session content is developed in accordance with AMMI Canada/CPS and the CMA and RSPSC guidelines and policies.


Faculty selection is at the sole discretion of AMMI Canada/CPS. Non-physician organizations may provide faculty suggestions on the session proposal; however, final decisions remain with AMMI Canada/CPS. Non-physician organizations are not to contact faculty directly.  Faculty are not entitled to an honorarium; they receive complimentary CIC 2023 registration. 

CIC Secretariat will work with AMMI Canada and CPS to identify the Co-developed Learning Activity session moderators.


Once the faculty is identified, AMMI Canada/CPS issue the invitations to present with all details including the session description and learning objectives, and identify that the session is supported by an educational grant from the non-physician organization host. Once faculty is approved, CIC Secretariat is notified so that registration and logistical support can be provided to the speaker.

Faculty Disclosures

AMMI Canada/CPS staff will collect the faculty disclosures. AMMI Canada/CPS representatives will review the disclosure statements to ensure that potential conflicts are identified, and strategies are implemented to manage or mitigate identified conflicts of interest.   

Faculty Presentations

AMMI Canada/CPS staff will collect the faculty presentations. AMMI Canada/CPS representatives will review the presentations to ensure that the presentations follow the standards for clinical relevance, unbiased presentation, completeness, accuracy and references. Upon approval, copies of the presentation are provided to the non-physician organization in advance of CIC 2023. 
Upon final approval, the Co-developed Learning Activity sessions will be included in the CIC 2023 Section 1 MOC credits.

5. Promotion

Co-developed Learning Activity sessions are promoted in the same manner as all other CIC 2023 sessions. Additional promotion is the responsibility of the non-physician organization and must be pre-approved by AMMI Canada/CPS. All promotion must follow the CMA Policy: Guidelines for Physicians in Interactions with Industry.

In consideration of Canadian privacy law, the Secretariat cannot provide contact information for conference participants.

6. Evaluation

Conference Secretariat staff is responsible for evaluating CIC 2023 including Co-developed Learning Activity sessions. Secretariat Staff will forward the session evaluations to AMMI Canada/CPS, faculty and non-physician organizations within 30 days of CIC 2023.

Non-physician organizations cannot separately evaluate Co-developed Learning Activity sessions.