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Canadian Public Health Association

Policy Proposal

Are you a CPHA member?
Complementary Interests
Are you a member of an organization (other than CPHA), alliance or coalition that has or is presently advocating on or taking action on this issue?
if "yes", were you involved in advocating on this issue with this organization, alliance or coalition?
Clearly explain what the issue is and why you feel it is important for CPHA to pursue this issue.
Background information about the issue at hand. Please cite and include source of references.
Why is this issue a priority public health issue for a national public health association? Please cite and include source of references.
Please explain how CPHA would make a tangible contribution to address the issue (e.g., how you see CPHA influencing thinking, action or federal policy related to this issue).
Clearly state the action(s) proposed for CPHA.