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  • Action on the Weatherill ReportCPHA welcomes the Government of Canada's announcement about the release of Action on Weatherill Report Recommendations to Strengthen the Food Safety System: Final Report to Canadians.
    In September 2009, the Government of Canada announced that it would act on all 57 recommendations contained in the Report of the Independent Investigator into the 2008 Listeriosis Outbreak (the Weatherill Report). The Report asked that the Government report back to Canadians on the implementation of the recommendations and their impact on the food safety system.

    On December 19, 2011 the Government of Canada released Action on Weatherill Report Recommendations to Strengthen the Food Safety System: Final Report to Canadians. The report focuses on the actions taken by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada to reduce food safety risks, enhance surveillance and early detection and improve emergency response, and it focuses on the impact of these actions on the food safety system.

    CPHA welcomes the release of this report. The report is available at
  • Read the media releasePublic Health Applauds Supreme Court Decision on Vancouver's Supervised Injection Facility
    CPHA applauds the decision noting that Vancouver's supervised injection facility (Insite) and its essential programs provide a comprehensive approach to address the health needs of people who use injection drugs. CPHA was an intervenor for Insite before the Supreme Court.
  • Voice your opposition to costly mandatory minimum sentencing
    The federal government of Canada is currently considering Bill S-10, which proposes legislative amendments that, among other things, would introduce mandatory minimum prison sentences for certain drug-related offences. Research clearly demonstrates that mandatory minimum sentences are extremely expensive to the taxpayer and do not meaningfully improve public health and safety nor reduce drug use or crime in our communities. We invite you to join us in supporting evidence-based drug prevention and treatment initiatives and opposing the introduction of costly and ineffective mandatory minimum sentencing legislation.