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Canadian Public Health Association

Public health applauds new proposed regulations requiring front-of-package labelling


Ottawa ON

The Canadian Public Health Association  congratulates the Government of Canada for proposing regulations that would require front-of-package labelling for sugars, sodium and saturated fat, as part of its overarching Healthy Eating Strategy.

“Front-of-package labelling promises to be an effective, cost-efficient population health intervention that would provide Canadians with key nutritional information and help them make better-informed and healthier choices about what they eat each day,” said Ian Culbert, the Canadian Public Health Association’s executive director. “The Government of Canada has made a sound, evidence-based decision to propose these new regulations.”

Chronic non-communicable diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, are a major health concern in Canada. Diets high in sugars, sodium, and saturated fat are strongly linked to obesity and chronic disease risk. Taking action to reduce the amounts of these nutrients that Canadians consume as part of their diet can help decrease the incidence of obesity and chronic diseases, along with the associated economic and social burden.

“Today’s announcement represents an important step to protect Canadians’ health and it builds on Health Canada’s wide-ranging commitment to improve food literacy levels,” said Culbert. “We are relieved that the Government is moving forward with this initiative despite the significant pressure to stifle it from various groups who produce, transform or sell food.”

Unless action like that being proposed by the Government is taken to help people reduce their risk of chronic disease, the impact of these conditions is likely to continue increasing. One of the significant ways to reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer is through diet. According to Health Canada, health costs related to unhealthy diets and other risk factors for chronic disease are estimated to be $26.7 billion annually.

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