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Canadian Public Health Association


Workshops on Reducing STBBI-related Stigma

Throughout 2014-2017, in collaboration with the Centre for Sexuality, CPHA developed the content for three workshops focused on reducing STBBI-related stigma. These workshop resources, including a facilitation manual, a participant workbook and the presentation slides, will help you facilitate a training workshop in your community. The content from the three workshops can also be combined to create a more comprehensive training opportunity.

Knowledge Translation Resources for Reducing STBBI-related Stigma

Since 2014, CPHA has developed a number of knowledge translation tools to support health and social service providers to provide STBBI-related services. These resources underscore the individual and organizational factors required to enhance services and reduce STBBI-related stigma, and ultimately improve health outcomes for those affected by or living with STBBIs.

Developing Core Competencies for STBBI Prevention

Throughout 2011-2014, CPHA worked with communities across Canada, including a National Reference Group, to identify the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours that enhance STBBI prevention activities. Based on these consultations, a set of 26 core competencies were identified. In addition to the Core Competencies, a Health Equity Impact Assessment Tool specific to STBBIs was created, as well as a list of the Factors that Impact Vulnerability to STBBIs among the general population and also select priority populations.

Webinar Series on Reducing STBBI-related Stigma

CPHA has hosted a number of webinars to increase understanding of the stigma associated with sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs) as well as sexuality and/or substance use more broadly. Each webinar – presented by members of the public health community from across Canada – highlighted promising practices in stigma reduction.

Preparing the Canadian Public Health Community for New HIV Prevention Technologies: Understanding the Knowledge, Information Needs and Potential Role of Public Health Workers in Canada and Learning from the Experiences in Southeast Europe

In the absence of a cure for HIV, the development of vaccines and other new prevention technologies (NPTs) to prevent HIV infection offers one of the greatest promises for slowing the epidemic. Published in 2011, this document examines public health’s knowledge, information needs, roles, opportunities, challenges and capacity to introduce and deliver NPTs in Canada. The report presents the findings of various data collection methods including consultations, a literature search/review, key informant interviews and a nationwide online survey of public health stakeholders.