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Canadian Public Health Association

2022 Call for Nominations for the CPHA Board of Directors

The Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) is the leading Canadian non‐governmental organization focusing on the pan‐Canadian public health sector with links to global public health. Central to its governance is a skills-based Board of Directors that stewards the Association and guides its policy and advocacy work.

CPHA’s Board of Directors is a governance board; this requires that Board members have expertise relevant to governance. Governance excellence requires members who can think conceptually and with a long-term perspective, and who are able to welcome a wide range of opinions. The Nominating Committee is seeking nominations of candidates to join this dynamic group of leaders.

As a national, membership-based organization, it is highly desirable that CPHA’s Board of Directors include diverse members from all regions of the country.

CPHA is committed to equity and diversity in all its appointments and activities.


CPHA’s Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for general election of five (5) Directors to take office for a two-year period commencing 1 January 2023.

The Nominating Committee encourages nominees from members across the country, from different sectors, at various career stages, and with diverse backgrounds. The Nominating Committee is seeking nominees who are working in a range of roles (e.g., practice, finance, education, communications) and public health disciplines (e.g., nutrition, inspection, biostatistics and epidemiology, medicine, public health dentistry, health promotion, nursing, veterinary sciences), and other allied public health professionals (e.g. speech language pathology and informatics) and who indicate:

  • Commitment to CPHA’s vision, mission, values, and strategic plan;
  • Commitment to anti-racism and anti-oppression;
  • Ability to commit time and resources to serve on the Board and its committees, participating in the annual conference, and represent CPHA, as requested;
  • Facility as a team player with effective connections to networks and organizations working on public health issues; and 
  • Demonstrated leadership (at their respective career stage) in the public health sector. 

Board members also require:

  • Governance experience, including some familiarity with financial systems and risk management issues;
  • Interest in local, regional, pan-Canadian and global public health issues; and
  • Knowledge of the distinct needs of diverse populations and communities.

Valuable skills include:

  • High‐level understanding of organizational development and effectiveness; and
  • Advocacy experience on public health issues, with an understanding of policy development and political systems that impact implementation.

For 2023-2024, CPHA is seeking candidates with particular experience in any of the following areas:

  • Advocacy and policy development;
  • Financial systems and risk management;
  • Fundraising and/or corporate sponsorship;
  • Membership engagement; or
  • Public health disciplines such as nutrition, inspection, biostatistics and epidemiology, medicine, public health dentistry, health promotion, nursing, veterinary sciences.

Nominations from the North, Quebec and Atlantic Canada are particularly encouraged.

nomination form 

Nomination Requirements

Any CPHA member in good standing shall be eligible to be nominated for the office of Director without regard to geographic location. Nominations for Director will be in writing by e-mail. The nominee will indicate his/her consent to be nominated and be supported by two (2) persons (nominators) who are current CPHA members.

Nomination papers must be received by the office of the Executive Director, addressed to the Nominating Committee, on or before 17:00 (ET) 31 August 2022.

The completed nomination form must be accompanied by:

  • A statement of eligibility (maximum 500 words) from the nominee indicating how his/her experience fits with the skills and strategic areas being sought by the Nominating Committee; and
  • The contact information of the two (2) nominators.

In addition to the above, candidates have the option to include any or all of the following at their discretion:

  • Photo (head and shoulders)
  • Link to a video message
  • Link (one) to an online profile (e.g., LinkedIn)

The above additional information will be made available via CPHA’s website in the language in which it is provided (i.e., CPHA will not translate any of this material).

The statement of eligibility, photo, video message and online profile will be published on CPHA’s website.

All nominees should complete this short skills assessment questionnaire. Their responses will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee to help ensure that nominees possess sufficient skills to enable them to contribute to the Board’s deliberations. The questionnaire responses will not be published. The Nominating Committee’s recommendations will be reviewed by the Board of Directors that will then make final decisions regarding the eligibility of each nominee. It is possible that a nominee will be disallowed from standing for election. The Board’s decision is final. For additional information regarding the nominee assessment protocol, please contact

If you require assistance identifying potential nominators, log into the membership portal, and search the Member Directory (on the right-hand side of your screen) to find CPHA members who you may know and can approach to support your nomination.

If you have any questions about the nominations or elections process, please send an e-mail to

The election takes place from 4 October through 8 November 2022.

The Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for the process for soliciting nominees for election and filling vacant positions on the Board of Directors. Considering the skills required by the Board for 2023 and 2024, the Nominating Committee will review the nominations and recommend to the Board eligible nominees for election by the membership. Nominating Committee members are:

  • Jason Cabaj, CPHA Chair-Elect
  • Nash Dhalla, CPHA Director
  • Sume Ndumbe-Eyoh, CPHA Director  
  • Elizabeth Samuels, CPHA Member  
  • William Osei, CPHA Member  
  • Vamini Selvanandan, CPHA Chair, ex officio
  • Ian Culbert, Executive Director, ex officio


2022 Board Members and Term Completions

Vamini Selvanandan Chair (AB) 31 December 2024
Jason Cabaj Chair-Elect (AB) 31 December 2024 (then a two-year term as Chair)
Nashreen Dhalla Director (ON) 31 December 2023
Monica Emode Director (ON) 31 December 2023
Yipeng Ge Director (ON) 31 December 2022
Caitlin Johnson Director (BC) 31 December 2022
Sume Ndumbe-Eyoh Director (QC) 31 December 2022
Thomas Piggott Director (NL) 31 December 2022
Camisha Rahmatian Director (BC) 31 December 2023
Laura (McQuillan) Taylor Director (AB) 31 December 2022