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Canadian Public Health Association

Award recipients

Since 1934, CPHA has been honouring those who have made an outstanding contribution to public health in Canada or elsewhere. The roll of honour is as follows:

R. D. Defries Award and Honorary Life Membership

* Denotes R.D. Defries Award recipient


Dr. Peter Bryce* (posthumously)


Dr. Richard Massé*
Dr. Isra Levy


Dr. Trevor Hancock*
Shannon Turner

2016 Dr. Lynn McIntyre*
Ms. Lydia Drasic
2015 Dr. Ronald Labonté*
Dr. William Osei
Dr. Eric Young
2014 Dr. David  Mowat*
2013 Dr. Patricia Martens*
2011 Dr. Richard Lessard*
Réal Lacombe
2010 Dr. David Butler-Jones*
Marie des Anges Loyer*
Charlene Beynon
Clyde Hertzman
2009 Dr. Richard Stanwick*
Dr. Roy Cameron
Dr. Margaret V. Fast
2008 Dr. Stephen J. Corber*
Pete Sarsfield, MD, FRCP(C)
2007 Dr. Perry R.W. Kendall*
Dr. Robert Bourdeau
2006 John M. Last*
Rosemarie Goodyear
2005 Dr. C. David Naylor, Ontario*
Dr. John W. Frank, Ontario
2004 Sheela Basrur, Ontario
Helen Lawlor, Newfoundland and Labrador
Gerald H. Dafoe, Ontario*
2003 Ian Gemmill, Ontario
Elaine Berthelet, Northwest Territories*
2002 John Waters, Alberta*
Douglas Wilson, Alberta
2001 Irving Rootman, Ontario*
2000 Roy West, Newfoundland*
Dorothy M. Craig, Ontario
Nancy Edwards, Ontario
1999 Dr. Chandrakant P. Shah, Ontario*
Dr. Mary Jane Ashley, Ontario
1998 Dr. Fernand Turcotte, Quebec*
Professor Don P. McGuire, Nova Scotia
1997 Ms Elizabeth MacKinnon Lambie, Nova Scotia*
1996 Dr. John Millar, British Columbia*
Dr. Richard S. Stanwick, British Columbia
Ms Sharon Martin, British Columbia
1995 Mrs. Ann Harling, New Brunswick*
Dr. Helen Glass, Manitoba
1994 Dr. Jean Rochon, Québec*
Dr. Jim Howell, Alberta*
Dr. Helen Mussallem, Ontario
1993 Miss Jean E.C. Lewis, Newfoundland
Dr. Robin Moore-Orr, Newfoundland
Mr. Doug Strong, Newfoundland
1992 Dr. John E.F. Hastings, Ontario*
Ms. Jill Christiansen, Northwest Territories
The Honourable Nellie Cournoyea, Northwest Territories
1991 Dr. A.G. Jessamine, Ontario*
Miss Olive Brown, Saskatchewan
1990 Dr. Trevor Hancock, Ontario
1989 Mrs. Karen Mills, Alberta*
Ms. Margaret Mackling, Manitoba
1988 Mr. Ron A. Draper, Ontario*
Dr. Marie A. Loyer, Ontario
1987 Dr. Carol Buck, Ontario*
1986 Dr. Cortlandt J.G. Mackenzie, British Columbia*
Ms. Frances M. McAdoo, British Columbia
1985 Miss Apolline Robichaud, New Brunswick
1984 Dr. Wendell MacLeod, Ontario*
Mr. Lewis Everard Stewart, Alberta
1983 Mr. Ralph Ricketts, Nova Scotia*
Mrs. Ruby Dewling, Newfoundland
Dr. Ernest J. Bowmer, British Columbia
1982 Miss Vera L. Spencer, Saskatchewan
Dr. Margaret Finlayson, Alberta
Ms. Janice Sterling, Northwest Territories
Ms. Martha Aldrich, Northwest Territories
Dr. M. Josephine Flaherty, Ontario
Dr. Vincent Leon Matthews, Saskatchewan*
1981 Mrs. Hester Kernen, Saskatchewan
Miss E. Louise Miner, Saskatchewan
Dr. William Harding Le Riche, Ontario*
1980 Dr. Jean F. Webb, Ontario
Dr. Gordon K. Martin, Ontario
Dr. Robert J. Wilson, Ontario*
1979 Miss Mary E. Wilson, Manitoba
Dr. Kenneth I.G. Benson, British Columbia*
1978 Dr. E.S.O. Smith, Alberta*
Dr. Nicholas Schmitt, British Columbia
Dr. James John Stanton, Nova Scotia
1977 Miss Monica Green, British Columbia
1976 Dr. Austin McMillan Clarke, Nova Scotia
Dr. Eric M. Found, Prince Edward Island
Miss E.A. Electa MacLennan, Nova Scotia
Dr. Chester Bryant Stewart, Nova Scotia
Dr. Clennel Evelyn Van Rooyen, Nova Scotia
1975 Miss Lynn Blair, Manitoba
Dr. Andrew J. Rhodes, Ontario*
Dr. George Robert Ford Elliott, British Columbia
Dr. J. Donovan Ross, Alberta
Dr. Alfred Hardisty Sellers, Ontario
1974 Dr. Frederick D. Mott, Ontario
Mr. Joseph Henry Gilbert Page, British Columbia
Dr. Armand Frappier, Quebec*
Miss Jean Leask, Ontario
Dr. George Donald West Cameron, Ontario
1973 Dr. Claude E. Dolman, British Columbia
Dr. Paul Parrot
Dr. John Sinclair Robertson, Nova Scotia
1972 Dr. Gustave Charest, Quebec
Dr. Lyle M. Creelman, British Columbia
Dr. William Mosley, Ontario
Dr. F.O. Wishart, Ontario
1971 Dr. Milton H. Brown, Ontario
Dr. A. Roger Foley, Quebec*
Dr. Jules Gilbert, Ontario
Dr. Leonard A. Miller, Ontario
Major Alexander D. O'Hara, Ontario
1970 Miss Josephine DeBrincat, Manitoba
Dr. Gaylord W. Anderson, Minnesota
Dr. John Nielson Brown Crawford, Ottawa
1969 Dr. Charles J.W. Beckwith, Nova Scotia
Mr. R. Donald McKay, Nova Scotia
Miss Jean Leask, Ontario*
1968 Dr. Morley R. Elliott, British Columbia
Dr. James M. Mather, British Columbia
Miss Trenna G. Hunter, British Columbia
1967 Miss Dorothy M. Percy, Ontario
1966 Dr. Albert E. Berry, Ontario
Dr. Jean Gregoire, Quebec
Dr. A. Groulx, Quebec
Dr. J. Arthur Melanson, New Brunswick
Mr. Christian Smith, Saskatchewan
Dr. G.D.W. Cameron, Ontario*
1965 Dr. Harry Knowlton Brown, Ontario
Miss Blanche A. Emerson, Alberta
Dr. George M. Little, Alberta
Mr. John T. Marshall, British Columbia
Dr. Ashbury Sommerville, Alberta
1964 Dr. Robert D. Defries, Ontario
Dr. Allan R. Morton, Nova Scotia
1963 Dr. Gregoire Fere Amyot, British Columbia
Dr. Charles R. Donovan, Manitoba
Dr. George J. Wherrett, Ontario
1962 Dr. Jonas E. Salk, Pennsylvania
Miss Edna L. Moore, Ontario
Dr. Clarence M. Hincks, Ontario
Dr. Neil E. McKinnon, Ontario
Dr. Peter Moloney, Ontario
1961 Dr. Arthur Chegwin, Saskatchewan
Dr. R.G. Ferguson, Saskatchewan
Dr. James M. Mackintosh, England
Dr. George R. Walton, Saskatchewan
Miss Dorothy M. Hopkins, Saskatchewan
1960 Dr. Russell J. Collins, New Brunswick
Miss Eunice Dyke, Ontario
Miss Mona Wilson, Prince Edward Island
1959 Dr. J.A. Bauduin, Quebec
Dr. J.T. Phair, Ontario
1958 Dr. G. Brock Chisholm, British Columbia
Dr. M.G. Candau, Switzerland
Dr. W.G. Smillie, Vermont
1957 Dr. E.G.D. Murray, Ontario
Dr. Fraser Brockington, England
Miss Florence Emory, Ontario
Dr. Frederick W. Jackson, Manitoba
1956 Dr. Roy Fraser, Nova Scotia
Miss Margaret E. MacKenzie, Nova Scotia
Dr. John J. MacRitchie, Nova Scotia
Dr. Mac Harvey McGrady, Quebec
Dr. Freeman O'Neil, Nova Scotia
Dr. Joseph P. Richard, New Brunswick
1955 Dr. Allan Coats Rankin, Alberta
Dr. Robert M. Shaw, Alberta
1952 Dr. Malcolm R. Bow, Alberta
Miss E. Russell, Manitoba
1948 Dr. P.S. Campbell, Nova Scotia
Dr. Arthur Wilson, British Columbia
Sir Allen Daley, England
1947 Miss Elizabeth Smellie, Ontario
Sir William Jameson, England
1942 Dr. William Warwick, New Brunswick
Dr. George Dana Porter, Ontario
1940 Dr. E.W. Montgomery, Manitoba
Honourable J.M. Uhrich, Saskatchewan
1939 Sir Arthur MacNalty, England
Dr. A.J. Douglas, Manitoba
Dr. John Knox McLeod, Nova Scotia
Dr. John J. Cameron, Nova Scotia
1938 Dr. Saraphim Boucher, Quebec
Dr. Alphonse Lessard, Quebec
Dr. H.E. Young, British Columbia
1937 Dr. John A. Ferrell, New York
Dr. George F. Buchan, England
Dr. Helen MacMurchy, Ontario
1936 Dr. Walter H. Brown, California
Dr. A.J. Chelsey, Minnesota
Dr. J.W.S. McCullough, Ontario
Mr. E.S. McPhail, Ontario
1935 Dr. H.S. Cummings, Washington, DC
Dr. H.W. Hill, Ontario
Dr. M. Stuart Fraser, Manitoba
1934 Dr. Elizear Pelletier, Quebec
Dr. John A. Amyot, Ontario
Dr. J.D. Page, Quebec
Dr. Charles A. Hodgetts, Ontario

Ron Draper Health Promotion Award

2018 Dr. Billie Thurston
2016 Grand Chief Doug Kelly
2015 Dr. Jane Buxton
Dr. Jacqueline Gahagan
2014 Dr. Jim Frankish
2013 Ruth Fox
2012 Doctors Nova Scotia [Organization]
Patrick Murray [Individual]
2011 Nancy Hall
2010 Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition
2009 Ken Kyle
2008 Smoke Free Kings
2007 Sharon Martin Community Health Fund (VCH SMART Fund)
2006 Government of British Columbia, Population Health and Wellness
2005 Reg Warren, Ontario
2004 Region Heart Health Coalitions, Newfoundland and Labrador
2003 Calgary Urban Project Society, Alberta
2002 Peggy Edwards, Ontario
2001 James Irvine, Saskatchewan
2000 Jean Goodwill, Saskatchewan
1999 Judy Cook, Manitoba
Centre for Health Promotion
1998 Réseau québecoise de Villes et Villages en santé, Québec
1997 North End Community Health Centre, Nova Scotia

R. Stirling Ferguson Award

2019 Dr. Peter Barss
2018 Dr. Jake Pauls
2017 Dr. Nancy Edwards
2016 iDAPT Centre for Rehabilitation Research,Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
2015 Linda Strobl

Public Health Human Resources Award

2011 Pan Canadian Task Force on Public Health Nutrition Practice
Marie McCully Collier
Jane Underwood
2010 Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors
Claire Betker
2009 Dr. Jamie Hockin
2008 Dr. David L. Mowat

Janssen-Ortho Inc. Award

2005 Carla Jane Troy, Ontario
2004 Catherine Donovan, Newfoundland and Labrador
2003 Ron de Burger, Ontario
2001 Joan Feather, Saskatchewan
2000 Paul Hasselback, British Columbia
1999 Marjorie Willison, Nova Scotia
1998 Dr. Réal Lacombe, Quebec
1996 Dr. Stephen J. Corber, Ontario
Ms. Rita Stern, British Columbia
1991 Mr. Russ Kisby, Ontario
1990 Dr. Cope Schwenger, Ontario
1988 Dr. Kathryn A. Wotton, Manitoba
1986 Dr. Robert B. McClure
1985 Miss Kathleen Mary Lutley ("Jo"), Manitoba
1984 Dr. Boyd Suttie, Ontario
1982 Dr. Otto Schaefer, Alberta
1981 Dr. Bill Bavington, Newfoundland
1980 Dr. Sandy Sutherland, Ontario
1978 Dr. David Clarke, British Columbia
1976 Mrs. Geneva Lewis, Nova Scotia
1975 Dr. John E.G. Hastings, Ontario
1974 Dr. David Sackett, Nova Scotia
1973 Professor Samuel Wolfe, Quebec

Certificate of Merit

2019 Erica Phipps
2015 The Alex Community Health Centre
James Chauvin
2014 Connie Clement
2013 Janet MacLachlan
2011 Michel O'Neill
2010 Anna Banerji
Betty Burcher
Dexter Harvey
2009 Les Hagen
Sue Hicks
2008 Deborah Gordon-El-Bihbety
2007 Mary Bush
2006 Douglas Wilson
David Patterson (posthumously)
2005 Connaught Medical Research Laboratories, Ontario
2004 City of Toronto, Ontario
Jorge Segovia, Newfoundland and Labrador
2003 Nechi Training, Research, and Health Promotions, Alberta
2002 A. Les McDonald, Ontario
Tobacco Action Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
2001 Alberta Tobacco Reduction Alliance, Alberta
Murray McQuigge, Ontario
2000 Aventis Pasteur Limited, Ontario
Campaign 2000, Ontario
1999 Aboriginal Centre of Winnipeg, Inc., Manitoba
1998 Dr. Christine Colin, Quebec
1997 Ms Lynn Vivian-Book, Newfoundland
1996 Wendy Cukier and Heidi Rathjen, Coalition for Gun Control
1994 Mr. Ron Labonte, Ontario
Mr. Michael Phaire, Alberta
Dr. Maggi Hodgson, Alberta
1993 Dr. Lamont Sweet, Prince Edward Island
1992 Ms. Anne Skuba, Manitoba
Mr. Victor Lachance, Ontario
Mr. Neil Collishaw, Geneva, Switzerland

Sanofi Pasteur International Award

2006 Neil Collishaw
2005 Dr. Bruce Aylward, Geneva, Switzerland
2004 Linda Ross, Newfoundland and Labrador
2002 Ilona Kickbusch, Washington, DC

CPHA International Award

2011 Theresa W. Gyorkos
Jerry M. Spiegel
2010 Ronald Labonté
2009 Dr. Paulo Buss
2007 Margaret Hilson

CPHA National Public Hero Award

2019 Cindy Blackstock
2017 Hon. Dr. Terry Lake
2015 Libby Davies, MP
2014 Juliet Guichon
2012 Andrea Gonsalves, Stockwoods LLP
Owen Rees, Stockwoods LLP
Fredrick Schumann, Stockwoods LLP
2011 Kathleen Ruff
2010 Rob Cunningham
Louis Gauvin
Gar Mahood
2009 Monique Bégin
2007 Heather Crowe (posthumous)
2006 Phillip Owen
Senator Larry Campbell
2005 André Picard

CPHA-Amgen Award for Innovation in Family Health

2013 "Parenting in Peel" Facebook Page, Region of Peel Public Health
2012 Saskatoon Health Region, Primary Health Bus
2011 Four Directions Community Health Centre, Regina, Saskatchewan
2010 Ts'ewulhtun Health Centre

Dr. John Hastings CPHA Student Award

2019 Manal Masud
Richa Sharma
2018 Larisa Lotoski
2017 Safyer McKenzie-Sampson
2016 Genèvieve Jessiman-Perreault
2015 Lindsay P. Galway
2014 Laura Struik
2013 Jessie-Lee McIsaac
2012 Zaida Rahaman
2011 Daniel Fuller
2010 Angela Mashford-Pringle
2009 Mariane Pâquet
2008 Ms. Brenda Currie
2007 Kate Bassil
2006 Chantelle A.M. Richmond
2005 Renée Larocque
2004 Cameron D. Norman
2002 Karen M. Tofflemire

Population and Public Health Student Awards

2015 Masters Catherine Dickson
Heather Palis
  PhD Mustafa Andkhoie
Sharon Yanicki
2014 Masters Kyla English
Brian Condran
  PhD Megan Lefebvre
Jessica Wu
2013 Masters Sarah Amber Chown
Henok Abraha Amare
  PhD Laura Hilary Thompson
Laila Rahman
2012 Masters Nicole T. Ruest
Lorna Robin Sampson
  PhD Sherilee L. Harper
Kimberly Munro
2011 Masters Rebecca North
Mary Vu
  PhD Alain Girard
Miranda Elliott
2010 Masters Lisa Nobel
Dorian Watts
  PhD Ananya Banerjee
Kate Zinszer
2009 Masters Ms. Ashley Heaslip
Ms. Tamara Cohen
  PhD Ms. Jennifer Cushon
Ms. Amanda Sheppard
2008 Masters Ms. Jessica Reid
Ms. Elizabeth Estey
  PhD Mr. Brian Evoy
Ms. Pamela Cameron
2007 Masters Shira Goldenberg
Katrina Plamondon
  PhD Randall Fransoo
Laura Rosella
2006 Masters Karen Roberts
Laura Nimmon
Marie-Jo Ouimet
  PhD Dawn Smith
Cat Tuong Nguyen
2005 Masters Margaret Broughton
Helen Oliver
  PhD Dana Wilson
Prithwish De
Eleanor Boyle
2004 Alice Chen
Jena Webb
Sarah Viehbeck
Sharon Yanicki