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Canadian Public Health Association

Standing Committees

Committees exist to do the pre-work of the Board of Directors. They analyze issues and present options and recommendations to the Board. They do not speak on behalf of the Board. Each committee chair, in most cases, will be an appropriately-skilled Board member to facilitate the committee process and coordinate its work.

We currently have five standing committees:

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee supports the Association’s operational planning and budgeting processes while developing and monitoring a long-term financial plan.


  • Ingrid Tyler, Chair
  • Heidi Bischof
  • Amanda Leong
  • Harmeet Nanner
  • Vamini Selvanandan
  • Richard Musto, ex-officio
  • Ian Culbert, ex-officio

Honorary Awards Committee

The Honorary Awards Committee supports the Board in recognizing individuals who and organizations that have made significant contributions to public health.


  • Benita Cohen, Chair
  • Manasi Parikh
  • Lydia Drasic
  • David Mowat
  • Pegeen Walsh
  • Richard Musto, ex-officio
  • Ian Culbert, ex-officio

Indigenous Advisory Council

The Indigenous Advisory Council supports CPHA in fulfilling its role as a trusted advocate for public health that works towards addressing the historic and contemporary health inequities faced by Indigenous communities by bringing Indigenous perspectives to all aspects of the Association’s policies, practices and programs.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee supports Board sustainability through succession planning and the implementation of a nominating process by which Board members are elected by the membership.


  • Benita Cohen, Chair
  • Georgia Carstensen
  • Nancy Laliberté
  • William Osei
  • Manasi Parikh
  • Richard Musto, ex officio
  • Ian Culbert, ex officio

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee assists in identifying issues, suggesting priorities, developing options and providing recommendations to the Board regarding our policy positions.


  • Richard Musto, Chair, ex officio
  • Lynn McIntyre
  • Chris Yeboah
  • Louise Simmons
  • Jacob Shelley
  • Benita Cohen, ex officio
  • Ian Culbert, ex officio
  • Frank Welsh, staff

While not a standing committee, we also have a Student and Early-career Professional Committee that provides advice to the Student Director on how we can continue to effectively engage students and early career professionals.