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Canadian universities ‘flying blind’ into cannabis legalization

August 23, 2018

Canadian Public Health Association executive director Ian Culbert said whether post-secondary institutions allow students to smoke pot on campus or not, it’s important that they be proactive in promoting health and safety. While many students already have experiences with pot, he is worried about “novice users” who are prone to experimenting in excess before they learn their limits. “That experimentation is a natural part of growing up. So, university administrations and student associations really need to be taking a very proactive approach at getting education materials out to all of the…

Social cost is too high to pay for ‘buck a beer’

August 8, 2018

The Canadian Public Health Association reports that alcohol costs the Canadian economy $7 billion in lost productivity, $3 billion in health and social services costs, and $3 billion for policing.

Building health: Our communities' designs strongly influence our physical well-being

August 4, 2018

Furthermore, the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment has started a campaign to encourage governments to adopt a national active transportation strategy, which was one of the main recommendations in a reported released by the Canadian Public Health Association-Lancet Countdown Briefing for Canadian Policymakers.

The 'nightmare' Canada's regulators face when edible pot becomes legal

August 3, 2018

Ian Culbert, executive director at the Canadian Public Health Association, said the lack of research on the health impacts of different edibles is one of the greatest regulatory challenges. “As opposed to alcohol, we have insufficient quality data around dosage of cannabis-infused [edible] products. How to define a serving size for the range of potential products will be a challenge,” Culbert said. “There is significant pressure on regulators from the industry players who are staking millions of dollars on this new industry.”

What would it look like if Canada decriminalized all the drugs?

August 2, 2018

Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have now united in their call for Ottawa to decriminalize all hard drugs. They join a growing chorus of activists and health agencies, including the Canadian Public Health Association.

Treatment, not incarceration, the answer for drug use: Orillia parent

July 27, 2018

The Simcoe Muskoka District Board of Health recently endorsed recommendations by the Canadian Public Health Association to decriminalize possession of small quantities of illegal psychoactive substances — a category that includes opioids and hallucinogens.

Le maire de Windsor ne veut pas promouvoir la décriminalisation des drogues

July 25, 2018

L'Association canadienne de santé publique (ACSP) appelle les municipalités à mettre plus de pression sur le gouvernement fédéral pour que la possession personnelle de drogues soit décriminalisée, mais le maire de Windsor n'est pas ouvert à cette idée.

Health policy reform group wants drug use decriminalized, mayor Dilkens says no

July 25, 2018

The Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) is calling on municipalities to pressure the federal government to decriminalize the possession of any illicit drug for personal use — but Windsor's mayor isn't open to the idea. The organization is based in Ottawa and it advocates for health policy reforms. Its executive director, Ian Culbert, said treating drug addicts like criminals hasn't deterred drug abuse, but rather it has made it worse.

Is It Time to Decriminalize All Drug Use? Millroy Weighs In

July 20, 2018

As Dr. Marlene Spruyt, Algoma’s medical officer of health, told The Sault Star, such a position has been shared by the Canadian Public Health Association and Centre for Addiction and Mental Health for some time.

Montréal devrait-elle réclamer à son tour la décriminalisation des drogues dures?

July 18, 2018

Des intervenants en dépendance croient que la métropole devrait emboîter le pas à Toronto, qui a sommé cette semaine le gouvernement fédéral de décriminaliser les drogues dures. [...] La plus grande ville au pays espère ainsi créer un mouvement à travers le Canada pour faire changer d’idée le gouvernement Trudeau. Toronto a depuis été appuyée par l’Association canadienne de santé publique [...]