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Directives techniques de présentateur


Symposiums are 60 minutes. Following an introduction by the session moderator, speakers can present (live or pre-recorded presentations are played) for a maximum of 40 minutes. During the remaining 20 minutes, speakers take part in a live discussion and moderated Q&A.  

Questions are submitted via a chat function and the moderator will select and read participant questions and prompt the appropriate panelist to answer. Moderators will need to connect to two platforms: a Zoom link to present and the conference virtual platform to view participant questions.

Sessions are recorded and available online for one year after the conference. When creating presentation material, speakers must ensure content is free from sensitive or confidential information. 

Session agenda
The session will be run by an audio visual technician. Speakers will complete a session agenda that outlines the order of the presentations. The final agenda will be provided to the AV technician to ensure your session is executed according to your planned outline. 

If you plan to use live polling, questions must be submitted by 17:00 EDT Wednesday 1 December.

Symposium Presentation Options

Option1: Live Presentations

  • Speakers can screen share or upload a PowerPoint or Keynote file in advance.
  • During the session, speakers will be given access to a virtual cue to advance slides during the presentation. 

Option 2: Pre-recorded Presentations

  • Each speaker can prepare and upload a unique presentation or, it can be multiple presentations per session.
  • Review the comprehensive recording instructions to pre-record your presentation.
    • Presenters can use Zoom to record their audio and video synced to your presentation
    • PowerPoint or Keynote can be used to record audio only.
    • Presentations must be saved as an MP4 file.
  • Use as quiet area and ensure your microphone is close your mouth. Avoid using the built-in microphone on your computer.
  • Do a test recording and review the final presentation for sound and picture quality.

All pre-recorded presentations and files must be submitted by 17:0.0 EDT Wednesday 1 December.


Live Oral Presentations are 60 minutes and each session has five (5) presenters. Each presenter will deliver an eight (8) minute presentation followed by a three (3) minute live moderated Q&A period. Participants submit questions via a chat function and the session moderator will ask the speaker the questions. 

Presentation Slides 

  • Speakers will develop slides a maximum of 10 slides to compliment their live virtual presentation.
  • Presentations must be submitted in advance by 17:00 EDT Wednesday 1 December. 
  • All speakers must include a conflict of interest disclosure slide. 
  • Upload instructions will be e-mailed to presenting authors.  

Presentation time

  • To ensure all speakers have equal presentation time: 
  • Live presentations must not exceed 8-minutes.
  • Only one speaker can be designated per abstract to present and answer questions.
  • Presenters are given access to a virtual cue to control their presentation. 

Live sessions are recorded and available online for one year after the conference. Speakers must ensure content is free from sensitive or confidential information when creating presentations material.


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